Bigfatbig Release Milk and Vinegar

Feeling fresh after their performance on BBC Radio 1’s Virtual Big Weekend back in April, bigfatbig are gracing us yet again with another single; ‘Milk and Vinegar’. With bookings for Heelapolooza and Hit the North lined up, 2020 was promising to be an exciting and busy year for the girls. However, with the COVID-19 Pandemic bringing the music industry to a standstill, bigfatbig are now making up for time lost in the first half of the year with cracking new release; ‘Milk and Vinegar’.

Explaining the origin of their new single, front-woman Robyn Walker divulged; “Katie and I wrote ‘Milk and Vinegar’ at a time in our lives when we felt like we’d really found ‘our people’, after struggling to forge friendships in the past … ‘Milk and Vinegar’ is a song about those friends who you consider your non-romantic soul mates; it’s fuelled by the intense highs of wanting to spend all your time with those friends, and the frustrating lows of missing them when life gets in the way”.

 As opposed to their two previous singles, ‘Milk and Vinegar’ is more upbeat and joyful release from bigfatbig; bred through gratitude for supportive friendships, and being thankful for the people around you. Surf-punk vibes galore, bigfatbig bring us yet more catchy lyrics and a fresh outlook on the world that is very much needed as Autumn slowly closes in.

Showing heavy influences of The Front Bottoms, Kate Nash and Skegss, the trio showcase their good energy and love in a way not seen before in their music; providing a soundtrack worthy of a road trip with good mates on a sunny afternoon.

Overflowing with charisma; choppy, buoyant guitar, paired with hearty vocals and beautiful harmonies are the highlights of this delightful new track. ‘Milk and Vinegar’ packs a punch; greeting you onto this musical ride with open arms and leaving you with wind-swept hair, rosy cheeks and a good feeling in your gut.

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