Still Woozy Shares Dreamy New Single ‘BS’

Still Woozy’s new single, “BS,” is another homespun and heartfelt song from the technicolor mind of singer/songwriter Sven Gamsky. Out today via Still Woozy Productions and Interscope Records, the track is a surreal sliver of pop centered around delightfully dazed vocals.

The opening notes envelop us in a dreamy cocoon of half-hazy, wholly beautiful notes that blend beautifully with dipping vocals. It’s a testament to Gamsky’s talent that he makes such a cleverly constructed piece seem so effortless; the track is full of brilliant decisions that refuse to come across as laboured over. Rather, the lush melodies thread through you with as much ease and radiance as the sun.

Like many of Still Woozy songs “BS” dives into Gamsky’s psyche while also offering listeners a way out of their own worries. Yes, the lyrics are about “struggling with his brain,” as he puts it, but they’re ultimately about bringing the best version of oneself to the people we love. The instrumental underscores that hope, shining warmth and light through the clouds of darker impulses.

“I strive for this feeling of warmth to act as a buffer to some of those harsher feelings,” he says. The accompanying video reflects this warm deflection – the light continually glints, reflects and spangles through the scenes being shot.

“BS” is Still Woozy’s second single of 2020, arriving in the misty wake of April’s “Window,” another luxuriant cut tinged with longing. These followed Still Woozy’s 2019 debut EP, ​Lately, which introduced the world to his emotional yet textured tracks. Blending acoustic sounds with delirious dabs of electronics, the EP showed off Gamsky’s affection for deftly psychedelic arrangements ​— ​his songs melt and swirl like crayons on a sidewalk in the summer.

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