Review: Bedroom / Boredom Release Sleep Walker

Known for catchy riffs and indie-pop brilliance, Bedroom / Boredom are a four-piece band hailing from London. Their melancholic lyrics are usually hidden under a deceptive cloak of cheery chorus’ and upbeat guitars, with the occasional saxophone throwing them ahead of other similar artists in terms of ingenuity and interest.

You might already know them from their hit track ‘Pill’; an astounding song that came shockingly early in their career. With its boppy chorus and infectiously jubilant energy, the track became a quick favourite with fans old and new.

New track ‘Sleep Walker’ comes in the wake of their other 2020 releases. ‘How Did You Get Up There’ and ‘Car Lights (Front Yard)’ seem to follow a similar vein in branding and lyricism, with the latter track contemplating whimsical longings of summer time, and the former exuding the same sparkling vibrancy.

The nostalgic sentiment of the new single is designed to “bring you back to your most treasured summer memories”, and it does this with ease. The track has no expected summer-time nonchalance, but rather a huge blaze of trumpets and riotous vocals. It’s the energy of the piece that reminds you of joyful summer nights; the bittersweet tang of the tune that stays with you.

There’s a laziness to the opening that lulls you into a false sense of complacency and ease, before the gentle, beautiful first few notes seamlessly transform into a heavy drum-ladden explosion. This is the first track in which Bedroom / Boredom have decided to throw all the skill they’ve been developing at us, and really show off just what they can do.

‘Sleep Walker’ is a sublime track, full of carefully-crafted lyrics and tempo fluctuations. We can’t wait to see what the band does next, and to hear these tracks live. Catch the group at their March shows at The Deaf institute in Manchester, and The Grace in London.

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