The Staves Announce Long-Awaited Album

Indie folk trio, The Staves, have announced their first album in six years. Good Woman is due to be released on 5th February 2021 via Atlantic Records and is the third album from the sisters.

The Staves wrote and recorded the album during a strenuous and emotional time for the band, as they lost their beloved mother, saw the end of relationships and Emily gave birth to her first child. The predominately self-produced album is bound to be their most raw and honest yet, as they have arrived on the other side of a difficult period in their lives with the aptly named Good Woman.

Although it’s been a while since the trio have worked together as The Staves, they have all been making their marks by contributing to work by some of music’s biggest names. Jessica lent her vocals to Leonard Cohens posthumous album, Thanks For The Dance, whilst all three sisters sang on Paul Weller’s number one record, On Sunset.

The title track from the album is streaming now, which encapsulates the progression of the band, as ‘Good Woman’ holds on to their folk roots whilst nodding to some of their rock influences. Two other brand-new tracks, ‘Nazareth’ and ‘Trying’, were also released this year. Although ‘Nazareth’ will not be featured on the album, it gives The Staves’ fans an idea of where the sisters’ songwriting is headed.

The Staves have also re-booted their hilarious podcast, ‘Dial-A-Stave’, which acts as a fly-on-the-wall experience for fans of the band, as Jessica, Camilla and Emily share an insight into the conversations they have when they’re not working on their music.

The announcement of Good Woman feels like particularly exciting news, as six years is far too long for The Staves to not be at the forefront of British indie-folk music. Fans of the band can be in the comfort of knowing there is a new album around the corner, and if the released singles are anything to go by, it’s going to be a perfect album to end the winter with.

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