Review: Wallows Release ‘Remote’ EP

With six new breezy tracks, the latest EP from California-band Wallows forms more of a mini-album; it sits easily among similar collections from the group, and brings a clear message to eager fans and listeners.

Following the success of easy going tracks such as ‘Are You Bored Yet?’, there was a lot that could be anticlimactic with this release. However, the quarantine-made EP is a perfect next step in the band’s trajectory, with deceptively chilled-out tracks that offer many moments of indie ingenuity.

‘Virtual Aerobics’ opens the collection with a sound that could easily slot into a lineup with past releases from the band. The interjections around a minute in, however, truly start to set it apart – we see a jaunty, effortlessly cool interlude that whisks us back into careless summer days.

The remainder of the collection follows suit, with ‘Coastlines’ spinning out an easily-picked-up chorus that’s near impossible to not get along with. ‘Dig What You Dug’ offers relatable lyrics that tip dangerously toward the cliched, but Wallows pull it back with their brilliantly intriguing title and much-needed bursts of optimism.

‘Talk Like That’ is joyous in tone; endlessly jubilant and almost as highly energised as ‘Nobody Gets Me (Like You)’. The tracks don’t stray too far from indie-pop expectations, but offer glimpses of the band’s individuality through relaxed lyrical moments and layers of experimental manipulation.

‘Wish Me Luck’ has been expertly chosen to close Remote; the lithesome production renders a graceful, radiant finale that slows down the tempo form previous tracks. It’s a clear standout, and reminds us just how well Wallows have crafted their sound over the years.

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