The Rooves Release New Track, ‘Neighbourhood’

Rightfully garnering more and more attention, The Rooves are a five piece indie rock/bedroom pop band who found each other at a house party in Chesterfield. The band have quietly formed an ever-growing following in the region, performing sell out gigs at notorious venues like The Leadmill and O2 Academy Sheffield.

2019 saw the release of ‘Television’ (produced by Sugar House) which was aired on BBC radio 6 as well as ITV’s This Morning, and the band boasta many other similarly stellar tracks. Now, 2020 sees ‘Neighbourhood’ join the collection as an older, effortlessly cool sister of a track.

Deviating from Charlie’s vocals was a risky endeavor, but proved worth the risk. Ayykuba features as a contrasting perspective, and the juxtaposition of the expected and new elevates the track to even greater heights. Charlie’s voice, as always, half makes the entire track: it lilts and sways through the track with captivating beauty.

Though still a relatively young band, tracks like ‘Neighbourhood’ prove just how beyond their years The Rooves are. The production is unbelievable in its sharpness and clarity; it’s incredibly hard to believe the band recorded the demo separately, sending sound files to each other and developing the song over late night zooms in their bedrooms.

We see themes of nostalgia and new beginnings, offering an easy optimism and casual nonchalance to the track’s tone. Influences from Easy Life and Clairo are evident, but the band are more wide-ranging than the former and far more interesting than the latter. Each member truly and evidently had used their lockdown time to improve their craft, resulting in a song sure to lure in streams of new fans.

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