Greentea Peng casts ‘Spells’ with latest release

Ethereal south London crooner’s third solo release of the year casts an enchanting ‘Spell’ on us all.

Greentea Peng is rapidly creating an immaculate reputation as one of London’s most desirable RnB exports. A string of witchy infused releases have characterised her year, from August’s ‘Hu Man’ imploring us to invest our trust in the divine to October’s ‘Revolution’ questioning the corruption of 21st century society, the stars own spiritual journey through the human condition appears to be a primary inspiration for her solo releases this year, and ‘Spells’ is no different. Written around the time of 2018’s SENSI EP the track explores the human desire to please everyone and encourages us to ditch our ego and abandon negative speech ‘Puttin’ spells on we/ Words of negativity/F*****’ up realities’.

Rich R&B sounds, and enchanting electronic piano riffs fuse together to decorate the track, encapsulating the singers ethereal trademark sound thanks to production from SAMO & KIKO while the singer’s own lyrics providing meditative power, as she said herself “Words are vibrations at the end of the day and it’s called S P E L L I N G for a reason”.

Hypnotic vocal stylisation, enchanting lyricism and an otherworldly ability to captivate and inspire allow the vocalists impressive discography to injects a fresh new energy into the UK R&B scene. With a new album set to release later this year, it’s by no act of magic that bright things are sure to align Greentea Peng’s future.

Source for quote: Clash Music

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