Paradise Circus Release Gleaming New Single ‘What A Way (Cheetah)’

Emerging from the Midlands, Paradise Circus are making a name for themselves with relatable lyricism and unbridled riotous energy.

With a debut single, ‘Fight It’, that recently hit 10,000 streams, the four-piece are carving out a path toward indie-rock notoriety, amassing global fans and rapidly selling out UK venues. The tunes are built directly for the stage, with chorus’ that prove the sold-out gigs will be anything but a quiet affair.

Keeping the momentum going is new track, ‘What A Way (Cheetah)’. Released on 19th April, the track has been a year in the making, with the band collaborating with industry greats including Justin Lyndley, engineer for Elvis Costello, and Matthew Cotterill to perfect the anthem. Proving that lockdown boredom can result in brilliance, the track shines as an exemplar of fresh, compelling new music from an unstoppable new band.

Fuelled by thrashing electrics and heartfelt emotion, the track deals with an unstable relationship, and the consequences that emerge as a result. It’s a whirlwind of a single that is sure to stick with indie-lovers everywhere, and cement Paradise Circus as a band on the rise.

“The song is about the ‘cheater’ in a relationship,” tells vocalist David. “It was first written in my basement at 11:30pm, when I detuned my Dad’s guitar trying to find a cool chord. The chorus was written in about 7 minutes and Cal’s guitar was done also in quick time. Written in 15 mins but took 2 years to complete.”

We’re seeing big things for the future of Paradise Circus, and can’t wait to hear how they add to this already brilliant discography.

Eva Liukineviciute

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