Andrew Cushin Releases Mesmerising new single, ‘Memories’

Having received backing from the notorious Noel Gallagher on his previous track, ‘Where’s My Family Gone’, it’s hard not to see the talent the indie-rock icon also saw. Straight-forward lyrics about vulnerable topics sets this new artist in good stead, with emotional fragility somehow creating tunes you can still sing along to with your mates.

With his home-town momentum building, and rave reviews from press and critics alike, Andrew has created a magical space within his music, built on domestic realism and brutal honesty.

No different, Andrew’s fourth single finds him exploring the true meaning of masculinity in the present day, openly reflecting upon men’s mental health and the vulnerability which has been exposed during the events of the past year.

His new track takes a step towards broadening his subject matter; confirming that his lyrics run no risk of falling into easy topics or well-versed cliches.

“‘Memories’ is a record written in the midst of the lockdown during which time male mental health was worsening,” he says. “The lyrics, ‘What is a man and what can he do?’, symbolises that unfortunately some men in this world remain unsure of their place as a husband, provider, father or peer – they’re roles that they’re never taught about. At a time when male suicides are on the rise, the memories we hold seem more important than anything.”

Following an older man well-accustomed to the pub sitting and drinking his pint, the accompanying video hits closely to many of his audience. A common scene, it asks us why we don’t consider their stories or past situations: why we gloss over this familiarity. A perfect pairing, it subtly fractures your heart and questions what it means to write an indie-rock song.

We see great things on the horizon for this young artist, and look hugely forward to his upcoming wealth of live shows.

24th – Steventon,
Truck Festival
25th – Bromyard, Nozstock Festival

8th – Skipton, Gateway Festival
13th – Leicestershire, 110 Above
14th – Newquay, Boardmasters
21st – Sedgwick, Hardwick Festival
28th – Portsmouth, Victorious Festival

3rd – Lindisfarne, Lindisfarne Festival
10th – Sunderland, The Independent (HEADLINE SHOW)
11th – Newcastle, Boiler Shop (HEADLINE SHOW)
18th – Glasgow, King Tuts (HEADLINE SHOW)
19th – Newcastle, This Is Tomorrow
23rd – London, Oslo (with The Lottery Winners)
25th – Stockton, The Gathering Sounds
29th – Newcastle, O2 Academy (with The Lathums)
30th – Birmingham, O2 Institute (with The Lathums)

1st – Nottingham, Rock City (with The Lathums)
2nd – Liverpool, Live At Liverpool
16th – Leeds, Live At Leeds
23rd – Newcastle, Hit The North

1st – London, Camden Assembly (HEADLINE SHOW)
2nd – Leeds, Hyde Park Book Club (HEADLINE SHOW)
9th – Manchester, YES (HEADLINE SHOW)
10th – Stockton, Ku Bar (HEADLINE SHOW)
11th – Birmingham, Sonic Wave

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