Hope Tala and Hauskey Share ‘One Minute’

Hauskey and Hope Tala have steadily been building up notorious names for themselves over the past few years. Hauskey has casually been dropping “low-key pop nuggets, sunshine bops and kaleidoscopic, groove-laden, synth-studded jams, accumulating to an eclectic playlist in their own right”.

Hope Tala has been on a similar journey, spinning an unquestionably beautiful web of gently-stunning sonics around listeners’ ears, and making fans fall rapidly in love with her unparalleled artistry.

The pairing is Hauskey’s first collaborative work, and one that proves particularly fruitful. A fervent admirer of Hope’s output, herself a smart young artist who takes influence from literature as much as she does music, the combination of her smooth, sultry vocal delivery and Hauskey’s pop smarts brings us to a very fine meeting of like-minds.

The collaboration draws on the best of both artists, weaving Hauskey’s genius in production with Hope Tala’s natural inclination for poetry that translates perfectly to sound. An easy track to slowly become obsessed with, it proves neither artist seems capable of releasing a bad song; they remain firmly on an upwards trajectory of brilliance.

Hauskey sings, “one minute you’re on my side, then you’re nowhere in sight. One minute you care, then you’re not there. You go friends to finished in one minute.” The lyrics paint a clear picture of fickleness; of infidelity in relationships that breeds a soft resentment.

Hauskey states, “Fake, fair-weather friends. Seems to be plenty, especially in the music industry. Being from a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, I don’t handle bullshit all that well, and can’t stand people who aren’t genuine.” “This song wrote itself,” he adds, “but I’m pretty proud of the ‘friend to finished in one minute’ line. It says everything.”

Hope Tala added: “I think it can be really powerful when songs are upbeat and sound fun and light-hearted, but have profound lyrical meaning. Hauskey is a great writer, and it was really cool to be able to collaborate with such a talent.”

We can’t wait to see more from both artists, and to have ‘One Minute’ on a summer loop.

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